Our Prices are Project-Based, Flat-Fees.

At ELEVATE, we believe legal services should be priced like most other services in the marketplace. That’s why we charge a fixed, flat fee for our legal services. We do not bill hourly, like most traditional law firms. We believe there needs to be incentives for efficiency and work exceptionally done. A flat-fee based service creates those incentives and our customers benefit. Our customers are able to rely on the flat fee given and budget for the legal services they need. Our flat-fees are inclusive of costs.

Our Prices Are Based On:

  • Complexity of Legal Issues
  • Time Necessary to Complete
  • Number of Parties Involved
  • Deadlines Set By Customer
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Our customers appreciate not having to give a “blank check” to a law firm and then wait to find out the actual costs until after the work is done.

Customers know our fees up front - before we begin.

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