[Legal] Leg-Up: Small Business Calls

Are you a small business owner?

Do you have questions for an attorney?

If so, join us for A [Legal] Leg-Up!

This is your chance to ask a business attorney those burning questions you’ve been wrestling with.

On this call, we’ll answer your questions about business laws in Florida.

[Legal] Leg-Up is a free service we offer to support Florida’s entrepreneurial community.

Call Information

Day: Second & Fourth Friday
Time: 10:30 am – 11:30 am

By calling in to A [Legal] Leg-Up, you are agreeing to the following Terms of Service:

  1. You understand that this is a group conference call. As such, there is no expectation of privacy or confidentiality. Consider carefully what you want to say on the call.

  2. You consent to the call being recorded for research purposes only. We collect data on issues affecting small business owners. However, we never publish our recordings.

  3. You understand that no attorney-client relationship is established on these calls.  In order to establish an attorney-client relationship with us, an Engagement Agreement must be signed.

  4. The answers we provide are for informational purposes only. We cannot give specific legal advice or analyze a specific situation without an attorney-client relationship. If you need help analyzing a specific situation, we advise you to meet with an attorney for individualized advice.

  5. Information given on our call is specific to Florida law.

  6. We take questions in the order they are received. If you have a pressing question, be sure to get in line early!

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Join Laurie Lee, a business attorney with Elevate Business Law, PA  to ask your question!

Held on the second and fourth Friday of the month from 10:30 am to 11:30 am.

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