We advise and support small businesses.

Small business owners need to have a place they can go to find answers.

They want someone to help and support them through business deals and growth moves.

Our goal is to be that resource so small businesses can flourish.

Informed Decisions, Planning & Growth.

Entrepreneurs are exciting, creative people who are both optimistic and realistic.  They are ambitious, responsible, decisive and confident.  At ELEVATE Business + Technology Law, we respect and admire those qualities.  Our customers are smart people and they realize that having a legal advisor on their team gives them access to knowledge, the ability to reduce risk and the independence to grow their businesses.

We enjoy helping our customers understand all of the pieces that need to fit together and we advise them on how they can best accomplish their plans.  Business owners face many choices every day – each of which has its own benefits and consequences.  We educate our customers on their choices and they benefit from making informed decisions.  We help them create a roadmap for protection and growth.

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In Today’s World, Technology is a Part of Every Business.

Technology is good.  Whether it is used to create a product or a service, or used in interacting with customers, businesses need technology. Using technology, developing technology and selling technology – all these involve specific legal issues.  We make sure our customers are informed of the issues and we advise them on how to reduce risk and protect business assets.

Our Services are Based On Six Core Principles.


Our customers seek knowledge. They want to be better business people and they want to get it right the first time. Because the law is involved in everything that a business does, it’s important to us that our customers learn along the way.


Sometimes our customers don’t know what they don’t know.  It’s our job to point out issues that they might not see.   We want our clients to be prepared and protected – and we guide them towards educated decisions.


The law is complicated. Our customers rely on us to tell them – in plain language – how the law affects them. We  explain to our customers what the law says, what it means, and how it can help them get where they want to go.


All businesses face challenges.  Sometimes businesses don’t know if their problem is big or small, with consequences serious or insignificant.  We help our customers understand their options and solve their problems.


Big corporations have attorneys on staff to advise them because they know legal advice is essential to business success.  We want to be there as a resource for our customers – as an advisor and a valued member of their team.


Most businesses never have to deal with a lawsuit. Ever. But they do need a legal advisor to help them navigate their growth.  We empower our customers with knowledge and resources so they can achieve their next level of success.

Let us be a part of your team.

We love helping businesses! We offer a free consultation so we can figure out if we’d be the right fit for you.  

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Businesses Have A Lot of Opportunities.

We help our customers take advantage of them.

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